Do Livestock Need Shelter?

In the following link, Should Laws Require Shelter for Livestock?, people in NY state discuss the need for shelter for livestock.

A Follow up question to my title: should we pay to build shelter for wild animals, probably coming from higher taxes?

Bison, cattle, horses, and other livestock have been around since before man. Since when did they need man made shelter to protect them from the cold? For wild animals, only the strong survive, for domesticated animals it’s cruel if one animal dies!

To put this story in a different perspective though, farmers and ranchers depend on livestock to earn a living. Because of that fact, farmers and ranchers are going to do everything economically possible to ensure healthy and comfortable animals.

I completely agree with Ammerman’s quote at the end of the article:

More and more as each generation goes by, people are becoming further removed from farming and the ways of farm life. So when somebody who has no experience with farming comes out and says this is the way you should run your farm, this is how you should run your business, that could be very difficult for some farmers to understand.

I think that quote is very true about today… Only 1% of the population farms while the other 99% tries to tell them how to do it.

Have you ever considered why these questions are only being raised now, in 2014? It’s like Ammerman said, more and more people are further removed from agriculture each day.
I think people need to become more educated before they speak…that’s why I started this blog! I hope it’s helping 99% of you better understand the 1% of farmers.

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