5 Steps to Survive an Undercover Video for Farmers

1. Prepare. Assume someone is video-taping your farm all the time. If you wait to prepare until you are notified there is a video, you will be less likely to survive, according to research from the Center for Food Integrity.
2. Develop a solid track record for animal care. Be sure that you can demonstrate this was an exception, not the rule. Training, assessments, audits and documentation are critical. Also, participate in industry programs and build strong relationships with your veterinarian.
3. Accept responsibility.It’s critical that you immediately accept responsibility. Do not blame others.
Increase transparency. Welcome a review by customers, experts and others who can help you restore credibility. Invite media for follow-up. 4. Explore additional opportunities for on-going digital transparency, such as installing a video camera in the barn and making it available online to watch 24 hours a day.
5. Demonstrate and communicate an understanding of the ethical obligation to provide for the well-being of farm animals. Let the public know you are committed to doing what’s right. Demonstrate that your commitment goes beyond economic interest.

This information is taken directly from the Agweb Website. Check out the link for the full article!

Survive an undercover farm video


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