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Farmland Movie Trailer

Check out this new movie coming out. Let’s go out and learn from this movie.


Common Ground on Animal Welfare

Today, I’m sharing with you a link that I found to be a great article about bridging the gap between those for animal welfare laws and those against it. Proposition 2 passed into law will allow egg-laying chickens to be able to spread their wings in the cages. To some this is great news, to others, it may not be. Consider those in poverty in this country, is it fair that the poor now need to pay higher costs for eggs at the grocery store? Why would the cost go up? Well, if farmers can no longer produce as many eggs in a specific area, the egg production will go down. If you remember from economics class, that as supply goes down, so long as demand stays the same, the price will go up. So, the middle class requested better animal welfare, but the poor suffer. I’m not against Proposition 2, however, I feel like we should take care of our own people above and beyond the care of our animals. This goes back to my last post… how much would you be willing to pay for your food? Should pigs and cows all have access to sunshine, rain, grass, etc? How much more would you be willing to pay to make that happen?

One thing we all forget is our willingness to follow through on what we say. For instance, we all want better welfare for the animals… but am I now willing to pay 20% or 40% or even 100% more for my food to allow that to happen? Is it still good to have strict animal welfare laws, but farmers can no longer feed all the people in the world? There is a delicate balance. I think this article talks about that a little bit. We all need to be mindful of how our thoughts and actions will impact those who are less fortunate than we are. What is more important to you: every mouth fed or comfortable animals? Can we have both? I think we can, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen anytime soon.

What ideas do you have for helping our society find a middle ground? Please leave your comments!

Here is the article: Finding Middle Ground on Animal Welfare

What would you be willing to pay for your food?

Here is a link to another article about someone trying to raise awareness about large animal confinement operations.

You currently pay around $3-$6 a pound for your meat at a grocery store. What would you be willing to pay if farms could no longer efficiently generate enough food for the world through confinement? Please comment. I’m very interested to hear your thoughts! Would you be willing to pay $9-$10 per pound for meat? Or would you stop eating meat?

Manitoba Pigs Confined