Farm Employees Impact on Animal Welfare

In a recent article I read, “Hiring, Training Employees Key to Good Animal Welfare” from, I really thought this was a great concept and idea.

The fact of the matter is that less than 1% of the population farms in the United States, and the 99%+ have no idea what its like to work around these animals. The media creates perceived notions that drive for advocate groups to protect animals. So as the less than 1% we need to start doing things a little better. We need to be more transparent, more open, more educating to those around us.

How does a farm become transparent to the public eye?

Great question, but you may not like it! Invite them to your farm, show them what you do. Afraid? Are you doing things that you know wouldn’t be accepted by others? Would those things be accepted by other farmers and ranchers?

Most of the farmers I know do a great job of keeping the public involved, educated, and those farmers at the end of the day are understood and appreciated by the public. When a farmer doesn’t see the importance for transparency, they are only creating excuses for changes that need to be made around their farm or ranch that should be done regardless.

As a way of helping facilitate and provide more information to farmers about these types of things, I plan to create and release guides to help farmers and ranchers better train and prepare themselves and their employees for becoming more transparent and open to the public. My goal would be to reverse the trend on public outcry against farmers, but instead have farmers setting the record straight for people to know and understand.

Link to article:


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