Harvest 2014: Advancements Continue

Well I’m currently in Charleston, Missouri helping with Corn Harvest on a 3,500 acre farm.  We are already far into the harveset season for the Mid-West.  Wheat harvest started back in June in some parts of the country.  Currently, Corn harvest is under way as well as Canadian Wheat and Canola.

Being out here in the Mid-West really brings the lyrics of “Fly Over States,” by Jason Aldean, to life.  Its long days, 12+ hours nearly everyday.  

In the midst of the harvest, we are seeing new advancements in technology for Ag Equipment to help farmers get more done and make harvest less stressful.  New advancements such as grain cart and combine syc technology to allow easy unloading of the combine on the go.  New advancements such as pivoting unload tube spouts on the combine to allow easier distribution of grain in the grain cart during the unload process.  GPS is nearly standard when you look around at the combines in the Mid-West.  With big field sections, GPS really helps to get the most out of the land and make things easier.

It will be interesting to see the advancements yet to come in the Ag Equipment realm.  With fewer and fewer farmers, we need to provide the best equipment possible to allow farmers to do their job and so that we all can have food on our tables.

Has the harvest started in your area?  Any new advancements to comment on?


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