PETA & False Animal Cruelty Videos

In a recent article, PETA was accused of backing a false video of animal cruelty.  The video takes place on a small farm where 25-30 cows are milked (by the way, this is a consistent theme for PETA, targeting small old farms).  The funny thing is, that PETA has no idea what is animal cruelty and what is natural effects from life on animals.

In the video they recently submitted to authorities, the cows, typically clean from manure and feces, were run through a manure containment area and covered themselves in manure.  The video called out the farmer for mistreating his animals and for sores on the cows feet.  Farmers who run their cows through foot baths regularly still fight these same issues.  Unless your ready to sign up and be there the moment the cow poops, expect their to be some challenges with keeping them in manure free facilities.  But that is not the issue at hand.  The issue is, PETA is on a PR campaign that is far from the truth and is yet to be disciplined by the Justice department for their wrongful acts. 

Read the story, watch the video, then tell me what you think!  I really would appreciate and respect all opinions shared.  Thanks!

Article:  PETA Accuses Dairy Farmer of Animal Cruelty.


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