Continuing articles on GMO’s

I found two more articles regarding GMO’s that I think all of you will find very interesting!  Check them out…

China backs GMO’s

Consumers confused about GMO’s

The cliff notes for these two articles is as follows:

China backs GMO’s:  The Chinese government is launching a media campaign to promote the good of GMO’s.  Problems with acceptance is causing the government and companies some big dollars now.  Companies are trying hard to ensure that all new GMO strains are being accepted.  China itself has also invested money into developing GMO’s for crops that grow in their climate, like Rice and Corn.

Consumers confused about GMO’s:  This article says similar things to one of my previous posts about GMO’s (How do we determine a GMO?).  It talks about the long history of GMO’s and research proving it having no health effects.

A good quote I heard this week I’d like to pass along as well… “people used to think the Earth was flat, today people think GMO’s are harmful.”  When will the public accept GMO’s?  After 30 years of history, which we already have… or 100 years?  What do you think?


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