Genetically Modified Pets

In previous posts, we have provided definition to Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).  I asked for comments regarding what you consider to be a GMO.  Did you consider that your pets could be genetically modified?  Just like plants, and other animals, pets are, and have been, bred for the best characteristics for family environments.

We select the best dogs and cats to breed and continue breeding specific pets with specific attributes to achieve good natured animals.  Is it also fair to say that breeding a plant with another plant that is more drought resistant would be a good thing to do, especially when it helps put food on the table for people all over the world?  Did you even consider that your pet is a genetically modified organism?  Dogs didn’t just become domesticated, fun-loving animals over night.  Golden Retrievers did not just become “non-shedding” Goldendoodles all of a sudden.  It is due to selective breeding.  The same tactic that is being used in many agricultural environments all over the world.

What are your thoughts to my article today?  Are you against GMO’s?  You’d be surprised what all you are really against then.  Preventing world hunger, domesticated animals, etc…

Please comment with your thoughts!