About Me

My passion has always been for making life easier and better for farmers all over the world.  I grew up on a large family farm in South Central PA, where we raised over 2 million chickens annually, feeder cattle, and 2,000 acres of cash crops.  After High School I wanted to be challenged and help farmers, so I went to Penn State for an Ag Engineering degree.  Since completion I’ve worked for an Ag equipment manufacturer as a design engineer.

While performing my day-to-day duties as an engineer I completed my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in the evenings.  Now I continue my role as an engineer, but also want to be a public advocate for farmers.

Spending my whole life growing up on the farm, I have seen many changes in Agriculture.  On our family farm we have made many changes also.  Our family farm has incorporated a number of items to help do our part to protect the environment and provide the most comfortable environment for our animals.

Farmers are not in the business of ruining the environment or being cruel to animals.  Its amazing to me how many people think that farmers would want to do those things.  It is most profitable and sustaining for a farm to employ all the best practices of animal comfort and taking care of the environment.

My goal through this blog is to address the myths created by the media and give a farm based background to the controversial topics of today’s society surrounding Agriculture.  I hope that you will have a better appreciation for farmers through reading this blog.


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